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Welcome to the CDIF homepage!

CDIF is a group of tool vendors, users, and system integrators sharing the vision that modelling tools, such as CASE tools, should understand each other and interoperate seamlessly. To that end, the CDIF Technical Committee produces tool interoperability specifications that are standardized by the Electronic Industries Association, and by the International Standards Organization.

CDIF provides the solution to this problem for both users and vendors. CDIF is a Family of Standards that lays out a single architecture for exchanging information between modelling tools, and between repositories, and defines the interfaces of the components to implement this architecture.

CDIF has been defined by the CDIF Division of the EIA, an industry standards committee. Many of the major CASE and repository vendors, and some large user organizations have pooled their expertise and resources to develop this Family of Standards.

CDIF focuses on the description of the information to be transferred, not on data management. CDIF presently does not cover configuration management or security enforcement, for example, although it may contain concepts to describe that data.